We call it Neighborhood Earth because the global economy makes the world smaller every day (population explosion not withstanding).

Environmental occurrences half way around the world affect climate here, and the reverse is even truer. Just as we should dread the thought of air and water contamination around our homes, schools or businesses by careless and selfish neighbors, what nations do (or donít do) to control their greenhouse gas emissions have similar consequences.

Government officials and the companies they regulate, don't always act in accordance with their stewardship.

If we are to continue to have a sustainable planet on which to thrive, these elected representatives owe something to us and our posterity: allegiance to our planet's survivability.

• Global Warming Deniers notoriously line the coffers of our elected officials, in exchange for favors that mutually benefit them, and hurt everyone else. The more environmental awareness we have, the less we will fail to notice when another safeguard is eroded by the highest bidder.

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Barry Zack (Editor)